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MFM Pro Show™ Calf Pellet

MFM PRO SHOW™ Calf Pellet is an 11/64” pellet which will provide maximum feed intake and growth when fed to growing show calves. It is fortified with all required trace minerals and Vitamins for optimum growth, MFM Show Calf Pellet contains Diamond V® yeast culture and Buffer to maintain rumen health and increase nutrient utilization. This includes Zinpro® Availa®4 organic trace minerals and Diamond V® SelenoSource™ AF source of organic selenium. Tasco® is added to help keep animals on feed during hot weather. This feed is medicated with Bovatec® (Lasalocid) for improved feed efficiency. MFM Pro Show™ Calf Pellet (Medicated) is also a qualifying feed in the MFM Pro Show™ Award Program.

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MFM Pro Show™ Calf PelletMFM Pro Show™ Calf Pellet