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ShoMax™ Ignite

ShoMax™ Ignite is a ground feed with 21.0% protein and 4.6% fat designed to be fed as the sole ration for nursery pigs from 15 lbs to 35 lbs. It is medicated with Tiamulin for the control of swine dysentery hyodysenteriae susceptible to Tiamulin. Always read warnings and cautions and follow their directions. The ground consistency maximizes consumption while also easing the transition to ShoMax™ Surge. ShoMax™ Ignite is a qualifying feed in the MFM Pro Show™ Awards program.

Martindale Feed Mill is proud to partner with Ralco Show™ on the production of ShoMax™ swine feed products.

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ShoMax™ IgniteShoMax™ Ignite