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MFM 14% XL™ Sentry Pellet

MFM 14% XL™ Sentry Pellet is an 11/64” pellet formulated to promote optimum G.I. tract health for all classes of horses and contains 14% protein and 7% fat. Added Lysine & Methionine is included along with high quality protein sources to provide the amino acids needed for growth, lactation, muscle repair and recovery in working horses. This feed contains highly digestible fiber to maintain gut health and to control starch utilization.  Lower starch levels than traditional horse feeds to help reduce the chance of carbohydrate overload in the hindgut.  Contains additives to promote healthy population of beneficial microbes in the hindgut. Also contains an innovative calcium supplement derived from fossilized seaweed which has been shown to help stabilize the pH in the stomach and reduce the severity of Gastric Ulcers.

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MFM 14% XL™ Sentry PelletMFM 14% XL™ Sentry Pellet