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MFM Pro Show™ 15-5 Lamb Textured Lamb

MFM PRO SHOW™ 15-5 Textured Lamb is a textured feed formulated with 15% protein and 5% fat and is medicated with Bovatec®(Lasalocid) for the prevention of coccidiosis and has added vitamins, trace minerals, and Diamond V® yeast culture for growth, development, and health and Alltech® Sel-Plex® source of organic selenium. Tasco® is added to help keep animals on feed during hot weather. MFM Elevate™ is added to provide fat and digestible fiber for extra energy. It should be fed as the primary feed for growing and finishing show lambs from weaning to show day. MFM PRO SHOW™ Textured Lamb Ration is a qualifying feed in the MFM Pro Show™ Award Program.

Hover over bag to see texture
MFM Pro Show™ 15-5 Lamb Textured LambMFM Pro Show™ 15-5 Lamb Textured Lamb